Portal is a micro-retail startup providing consumers with seamless access to what they need, where they need it.

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Portal's focus on aesthetics means selling products can become a focal point for your space.


Cutting edge computer vision and cloud infrastructure provide industry leading inventory tracking and sales analytics.


On-board payment processing and auto-locking doors means consumers simply have to swipe their credit card, open the door, and take the products they desire.

About us

We are two Miller Fellows and graduates of the College of Engineering at NC State University.

Hartley LeRoy
Co-Founder & CEO

Hartley has a wide breadth of experience ranging from hardware design to customer discovery to artificial intelligence. He has developed these skills through Trashr, an IoT waste management startup he founded in undergrad, and through an internship at Ingersoll Rand.

David Schuler
Co-Founder & Engineer

David has over two years of experience in data and marketing analytics infrastructure alongside stints in platform engineering with Oracle and systems integration with NASA Mission Control.

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